Ben Leathers

International Event Rider & BE Accredited Coach

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Well Gel

The only products animals would buy for themselves

Well gel® is a new natural and effective product spa range for animals

First Aid * Skin Conditions * Shampoo * Antibacterial * Anti-Fungal

“The main purpose of Well Gel was to produce products that animals would choose for themselves.  The whole idea of animal aromatherapy is that the animal chooses to take the oils by inhalation or even licking.  I tell owners to allow their horses to inhale and even lick the gels before applying them. Ultimately I am happy that my products are helping animals to heal themselves. The products work because essential oils are full of chemical compounds and I have selected oils which work with the skin's own healing abilities as well as smelling great too.” Jane Acuta

Well Gel Products are happy to support Ben Leathers Event Rider in his competitive career and look forward to watching his continued successes with his lovely horses.

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Capturing emotions, grit and determination has been the constant focus of my career as a professional sports photographer. Creating an image that speaks a thousand words provides a strong commercial tool, principally for press and PR purposes and especially in this age of digital marketing.

I constantly aim to go beyond just a picture. I like to think I create a modern-day conversation piece that prompts questions into the full story.

Having supported Ben’s career over the years it has enabled me to produce a string of those strong images from action to PR shots. Ben and his equine squad has been a superb subject for me to capture. His constant professionalism and ability to be a great ambassador for my brand has provided a valued return on my investment.

If you are looking for an experienced and effective professional photographer for event, yard or both have a look at the work I do through my website or please get in touch.

Julie Priestley BPPA – Photographer

Official Photographer for The British Horse Society

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Four Seasons Equestrian

Four Seasons Equestrian is a family-run high-end clothing business based in Essex, headed and founded by Natasha Bowman, the sole distributor of Cavalleria Toscana in the UK.

The garments featured on this website, by Cavalleria Toscana, are part of the exquisitely tailored clothing line born in Italy. They combine both old-fashioned classic elegance with high-tech materials and innovative techniques.

Cavalleria Toscana’s chief designer, Alessio Meoni, ensures that each piece is tested and modified to the rider’s needs with the finest attention to detail. Cavalleria Toscana also works with top Italian manufacturers on each unique design. An example of this is the two-in-one body protector and riding jacket, a totally new concept in equestrian clothing.

The collection is designed with a range of equestrian disciplines in mind, from show jumping and dressage to endurance riding. But the brand’s roots are firmly set in the glamourous world of polo. Cavalleria Toscana works alongside Jumeirah Culu Culu Polo Lifestyle Resort, the first five star resort dedicated to polo and equestrian sports, who sponsor high profile polo events, like the world-class Triple Corona. Cavalleria Toscana and Jumeirah Culu Culu Polo Lifestyle Resort also sponsor the champion Argentinean Indios Chapaleufu II polo team.

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Keyflow exists to lead the advancement of equine health and performance through nutrition.

Keyflow (UK) Ltd was officially founded in January 2012 but the reason for starting the company was in the heart and mind of its founder for long before that. Science doesn’t stand still, every day research is being carried out and papers are being published, showing ways in which we can nurture, enhance and perfect equine nutrition to better care for our horses. Much has been learned about the digestive processes of horses and how pre-digestive technology can maximise nutrient absorption. We continue to learn about the importance of fibre and how the hindgut must be kept healthy if you want good performance. We know more today than ever about the nutritional building blocks of a horse’s musculoskeletal system and if provided for optimally, how it grows stronger, healthier horses with less development issues. At Keyflow feeds we stay on the leading edge of this knowledge and we apply it to every product we make.

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Better 4 Hooves

Better 4 Hooves produce a totally unique hoof product with carefully optimised perfectly blended ingredients which create the most effective supplement on the market.

Better 4 Hooves was created by a farrier with many years’ experience at the highest level, then perfected with input from vets and specialist nutritionists to supply a unique and natural product for horses in competition or simply with poor feet.

It is the special balance of the blends in Better4Hooveswhich makes it much more effective.

The highest quality ingredients are blended together at appropriate levels to act in a totally synergistic manner, This allows the active ingredients to be fully absorbed, therefore optimised by the horse to fully benefit the horn and hoof growth, strength & quality.

Our Products are produced in BETA NOPS and UFAS accredited factories.